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California’s most trusted child care insurance provider since 1968

Our History

Formed in 1968, DC Insurance Services, Inc. has been and continues to be a mainstay for the child care industry, providing affordable Professional Liability Coverage and Student Accident polices for In-Home and Commercial Child Care Center operations. We use an exclusively designed form supplied especially for our program from two AM Best A-Rated carriers. We offer the best coverage at competitive prices while maintaining the highest level of customer service. Our current staff is the gold standard when it comes to child care insurance and policy knowledge.

Professional Child Care

As specialists in child care insurance, we are avid educators within the child care industry; conducting informational workshops provider associations and resource and referral agencies about problems and hazards they may face, as well as public policy changes. We also attend local and national industry conferences as exhibitors, presenters, sponsors, or key note speakers. This helps us get a better understanding of changes within the child care industry and how they will affect your liability exposure. We then convey those changes to you so that you may be better prepared to compensate added risk.

Partners & Sponsorships

Attending these conferences also allows us to develop prominent relationships with leading child care organizations. By partnering with these organizations, we are pooling together our resources to further give back to the community in the form of Attendee Sponsorships or educational workshops. We firmly believe that by giving back to the community the provider becomes an anchor in the child care industry. An educated, aware, and diligent provider is a respected leader in the field of early childhood education.