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We all know insurance can seem expensive. A lot of providers tend to think, “I’ve been in business for years, and nothing has ever happened. I don’t need to spend the money on insurance.” Some providers decide that if a child is ever injured, they’ll just reimburse the parents for the copays themselves. Many providers opt out of purchasing an insurance policy thinking that it’s too expensive.

However, did you know that the average in home child care claim is $12,400? That’s a lot of money to be out of pocket if anything ever happens. And that’s just the average, meaning many claims end up costing much more than that. To give you an idea of exactly how much money this is, we’ve put together a list of 12 things you could buy if you had an extra $12,000 lying around.

Dreaming about what you could buy for $12,000 is fun. Paying a $12,000 claim is not. Most of us don’t have that kind of money. Start your year off right and save yourself from a potential crisis down the road. If you don’t have professional liability and accident medical insurance, call DCI today to find out how you can get it. Here’s to a prosperous 2017.